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Property & Vehicle Sanitisation

We now offer the very latest in surface technology and Fog air treatments to property and vehicles. Protect your staff or customers!

Rise&Shine now offers a specialist surface treatment system that kills and protects from COVID-19. Our teams of sanitisers can quickly and efficiently move through your property or vehicles etc using fogging machines that expel a delicate fog across every surface to assure total contact and coverage. This along with hand sanitisation of key touch areas gives your property or vehicle a thorough and detailed surface protection for staff and clients.

We've been offering this service to the aviation industry for many years and now we are pleased to offer it to other areas. This system is so fast and efficient at reaching every surface, very cost effective and brings peace of mind to employees and customers.

We have various size fogging equipment to carry out the service whatever size of your requirements. We also provide a certificate that guarantees the application for 10 days.

For the treatment of:

Property, Vehicles, Buses, Trains, Gymnasiums, Practices, Restaurants, Bars, Shops, and many more!

Our fogging machines fill the whole property etc with the finest mist that gently settles down on all surfaces assuring full coverage of the product.

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